“Betty Friedan’s #TheFeminineMystique: 50 Years Later”

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By Peter Dreier, Truthout | Historical Analysis
The Feminine Mystique – published on February 19, 1963 -“catalyzed the modern feminist movement, helped forever change Americans’ attitudes about women’s role in society and catapulted its author into becoming an influential and controversial public figure.”

Betty Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique, identified the “problem that has no name” – which feminists later labeled “sexism.” Three years after its publication – 50 years ago this month – Friedan was instrumental in organizing the National Organization for Women (NOW) and other key groups that helped build the movement for women’s equality.

The Feminine Mystique was not only a best-selling book, but also a manifesto for change.

Most Americans now accept as normal the once-radical ideas that Friedan and others espoused. Today, most Americans, including men, believe that women should earn the same pay as men if they do the same job. Corporations, law firms…

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We are marching against Donald Trump, and to turn our fear and sorrow into power and imagination.

via The women’s march heralds a renaissance of resistance – Eve Ensler.  — TPPA = CRISIS

White Genocide and You: The troubling truth.

Excerpt – ” Slave holders called their slaves lazy, both as a way to justify and explain the cruelty which was required to make them labor without requite and as a psychological trick which allowed them to avoid grappling with the fact that they were committing a massive crime to avoid honest toil.”
An insightful and informative article from thenegrosubversive.co, re White Genocide.

The Negro Subversive

White genocide is a curious horror. If it were happening or possible within our lifetimes, it would be as atrocious as any mass murder. But with the world as it is, it comes to us only as a fanciful nightmare nourished by overwrought White supremacist imaginations. I recall a comedy routine by Louis C.K. concerning the benefits of Whiteness:

“I don’t want to go to the future and find out what happens to white people because we’re gonna pay hard for this shit, you got to know that. We’re not going to just fall from number one to two. They’re gonna hold us down and fuck us in the ass forever. And we totally deserve it. But for now, wheeeeeeee!”

One fact check, Whites didn’t exist in either of the years 2. The ancestors of the people we now consider White did exist, but they were far from ruling the…

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