The #Indigenous Peoples of #Lapland

Indigenous cultures all have a common thread and that is our tie / relationship with the land / nature / spirituality. The Sami now have their own Parliament! An inspiration for us, the Indigenous of Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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“The Sámi Form Finland’s First Nation”

Where does the story of the Sámi, Finland’s indigenous people, begin? Let’s start about 12,000 years ago, when the thick ice sheets covering Finland began to melt and the earth was once again exposed.
With the ice gone, the sun warmed the ground and plants began to grow. With the plants came animals. And with the animals came humans. Thus begins the human story of Finland and the ancient people who later became the Sámi.

Sámi men pause from their work to pose for a photograph that has since become part of history.

Photo: Maantieteen Retkikunta/Encyclopaedia of Sámi Culture

The first evidence of human presence in Finland comes from the southeast and dates to around 10,500 years ago. As the glaciers melted – starting on the coast and progressing inland – the human path followed, coming in from current day Russia and Norway.


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