a c t i v i s m ~ the systemic failure of the New Zealand prison system

This is a six part series, looking at and discussing the recent events within our prisons. Whilst these are ‘new’ to the public, they are in no way new news to those working within the system or for prisoners themselves.

We should be disgusted.

Instead, our laziness as a nation, has given us exactly what we invested in. There is plenty of research to suggest that the punitive justice system does not work. And it definitely doesn’t work for Indigenous, with our people disproportionately taking up the insides of these prisons. So why do we continue down this track?

Politics and Money.

Again, we should be disgusted.

The entire series can be found on YouTube or follow the link below.



a c t i v i s m ~ what now, #BLM

a c t i v i s m ~ In defiance of tyranny – Fuck The PouPou: (Censored by Facebook) the police: And other thoughts on the latest execution.

a c t i v i s m ~ re: In defiance of tyranny – Fuck The PouPou
For Alton Sterling and his whanau; for the 400 years of un-named and un-knowen Alton Sterlings that have been beaten, tortured, brutalised, raped and murdered – Fuck The Police!

The Negro Subversive

When I first read the name: Alton Sterling, I was scrolling down my Facebook feed at 11 pm after having worked an 8 hr shift. My first unbidden thought was: “Lord, why?” If this makes me sound religious, it shouldn’t, it is simply the result of cultural conditioning, itself conditioned by 400 years of being at the mercy of an unspeakably brutal power. Religious or not, one feels the urge to yell up into the sky, whether one expects an answer or not. I didn’t watch the video then, at the ripe old age of 25 I’ve finally learned to conserve my energy. I once thought I could absorb anti-Blackness with no emotional effect, I thought I could coldly contemplate, video after video, story after story. I once decided to follow-up every tale of police brutality which came across my line of sight and in barely a week I began…

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 The #Indigenous Peoples of #Lapland

Indigenous cultures all have a common thread and that is our tie / relationship with the land / nature / spirituality. The Sami now have their own Parliament! An inspiration for us, the Indigenous of Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Karmic Reaction Blog

“The Sámi Form Finland’s First Nation”

Where does the story of the Sámi, Finland’s indigenous people, begin? Let’s start about 12,000 years ago, when the thick ice sheets covering Finland began to melt and the earth was once again exposed.
With the ice gone, the sun warmed the ground and plants began to grow. With the plants came animals. And with the animals came humans. Thus begins the human story of Finland and the ancient people who later became the Sámi.

Sámi men pause from their work to pose for a photograph that has since become part of history.

Photo: Maantieteen Retkikunta/Encyclopaedia of Sámi Culture

The first evidence of human presence in Finland comes from the southeast and dates to around 10,500 years ago. As the glaciers melted – starting on the coast and progressing inland – the human path followed, coming in from current day Russia and Norway.


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Liberation, or liberalism? Women, it’s time to choose!

An extremely interesting article by Renee.
I am left wondering ‘what the hell?’ … as a feminist movement, when did we become so compliant and PC, that we stopped asking questions? That we thought it ‘hate speech’ when an ideology is questioned?
I’ve re-read Renees writings, just to ascertain where the angst is centred. How is it that the transgender community has taken offence to the ‘how too’ of the transitioning of young people … I am still looking and trying to understand and am wondering, what have I missed?
But I have drawn upon the conclusion, after reading another article from a Womens Collective I follow on twitter, that feminism has become diluted in its bid to be accepted mainstream. As an advocate for other causes, I can understand why this is happening, but tend to not support the direction this takes.
Feminism as an ‘entity’ or movement, was in response to misogny and a way of empowerment: this is my belief. Any and all forms that advocate for this cause, I believe, are a good thing. However, after reading the twitter article, where this womens collective has renamed their ‘acts’ of ‘feminism’ so men won’t get butthurt, seems like the equivalent to #Alllivesmatter in response to #Blacklivesmatter. It misses the point.
My stance as an activist; as a feminist; as a mother; as a grandmother … is to advocate for the rights and equality of my daughters and grand-daughters in the first instance; to advocate for any and everything they may wish to be, want to be or biologically believe they are. It is also my stance to ensure that my grandsons and nephews understand the inherent spirituality and sacredness of being a woman; that they are secure enough in themselves to hold their own positions; that they are able to support their female siblings and relatives in all their endeavours.

writing by renee

A New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC) spokesperson has instigated an online pact against yours truly. That might flatter me, if it weren’t so effective. It’s titled “Against Human Rights” – appropriately, since it exists specifically to help negate an individual woman’s rights to further education, a voice, and a livelihood. The pact (below) misrepresents my concerns about women‘s safety and the medicalisation of gender, and asks signatories to collaborate in withholding study, speaking and work opportunities from none other than myself.

This pact was instigated just after I was banned from the Wellington Zinefest, a community hand-made book market; and just before I lost my job. The reason Wellington Zinefest gave me for their ban was that my work is critical of both prostitution, and gender identity politics, and this makes me “unsafe”. Supporters of this ban then trained their attention on the impressionable new manager at my work, making her nervous with allegations of “hate speech”. Her…

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a c t i v i s m ~ to the KKK, from Steel Pulse

“Dem she one nigger the less

The better the show”

Steel Pulse – Ku Klux Klan – Live 1979


#orangetheworld #day10

#orangetheworld to end #VAW and girls

#16DaysOfActivism #day10


A Native American mom hopes her breastfeeding photos will empower women and educate the world about motherhood in her culture.