a c t i v i s m ~ re: impact of colonisation on our children

“Things like smacking children for speaking Te Reo Maori, that came in with the 1867 Native Schools Act, where we began to see a denial of Maori language in schools. So from that point, we began to see generations that are told they can’t speak.”

“Colonisation impacts on our children through the removal of every part of our cultural framework that enabled us to keep our children safe. And I think that model of the nuclear family, the domestic unit, is actually an unhealthy model for a culture of people who are used to having a collective relationship.

“Historical trauma caused by colonisation is the root cause of intergenerational issues, particularly child abuse within Maori families.”

“Solutions needed to focus on reconnecting Maori.”

Professor Leonie Pihama.


ref: http://www.stuff.co.nz


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