a c t i v i s m ~ re: where on the racism spectrum, do you sit?

Want to check whether your attitudes are bit dodge on the racism spectrum?

ref: https://odinsblog.tumblr.com

Number 10, I like to call ‘diversionary tactics’ … and they look a bit like this:

In response to this post (originally posted by Spike Lee /

ref: https://www.facebook.com/SpikeLee/) –

A well rounded human being (whom I won’t name) decided to comment with this:

Well Rounded Human Being: Black lives matter unless they r n the womb! Both our president and democratic candidate for president are for late-term abortions!
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I replied with this:
Artist Activist kpm: Oh yes, great point Sarah. So your saving ‘unborn’ black / Indigenous lives by building awareness of the hundreds of years of racist brutality we have endured? Well done, we hadn’t thought of that! And while you try to save the unborn, we’ll all work on staying alive! Cheers!
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The purpose of ‘changing the subject’ is so the original subject never gets talked about.

It’s bullshit, we’re way over it and ‘well rounded human beings’ really do need to get a clue!


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