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They call them ‘quotas’; Criminology calls it ‘racial profiling’, and its done in every ‘Crown’ owned Police Force.

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When the great white hope docked their vessels in Aotearoa, and proceeded to ‘discover’ the already occupied land; they brought with them alcohol, tobacco, lawlessness, drunkenness … and disease.

Our indigenous population prior to 1840 was approximately between 90,000 and 100,000, and pakeha population was approximately 2000.

Not quite 50 years later, indigenous population had declined by nearly 60%! And pakeha had the cheek to quote our ‘savage’ beliefs as the cause of our decline and suggest we embrace christianity.

Our population decline however, had nothing to do our belief system, and everything to do with the pakehas filthy diseases.

It would appear the great white diseases didn’t gel well with any other indigenous cultures either!

And they wonder why we don’t trust them; them religions or their medical resources!


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